Wednesday, February 17, 2010


I forgot to upload an image of the spotty flower on its own yesterday. It is rather wacky but it brings some colour into this old magnolia house.

Today was book character day at school and my three new exactly what they wanted to be. Euan unfortunately was rather miserable this morning and decided that his fake fur skull cap I made wasn't spikey enough and itched. We were therefore unable to get any photos of him smiling the way Mummy wanted!

Ellie went as Silky the fairy from the Far Away Tree. She has expensive (ahum) wings made from paper dollies and laminated sheets. They were pain stakingly hand sewn with elastic and ribbon and a labour intensive (not) scrapbook flower helped to finish off the hair band. We might have had a temper tantrum or two that Maddie had the only pair of white tights in the house and she needed them for her outfit. I finally managed to persuade her that the turquoise ones were a much better match. Not so sure about the white sandals and tights but I wasn't going to venture down the road this morning.

Maddie went as Plop the owl who was afraid of the dark, by Jill Tomlinson? I found a pattern on the internet for a super quick owl outfit. I altered a standard white pillow case by sewing on feather shapes to the front. A bit of ribbon through the top to act as straps worked a treat. We had planned to paint her face with eyes but Mum wasn't so sure about her face painting skills so we went for a mask stuck to her sunglasses so she didn't have to worry about elastic pinging off her head. She is giving you a very good pre-flight wing flap demonstration above. She didn't have any tantrums this morning thankfully but did manage to pour cocopop milk all down the front of the outfit over breakfast :)

As mentioned above Euan was less than happy with his skull cap and wanted to know if we could cut some cardboard hair spikes with about four minutes to go to catch the bus. Why he didn't speak up last night when all this was completed and he seemed happy is beyond me.

So thankfully another year of book character has come and gone now which is great as I hate sewing costumes. Today the power was switched off again from 8:20am until 1:30pm which was a pain in the behind as I had a clear full day to get on with things and had forgottent they were doing it. All of these unfortunately needed power to complete. My kitchen floor looks nice and shiny for the next hour before the kids get home and I have managed to paint a chicken logo for my Mum to put on her egg boxes, so it wasn't totally wasted. I still haven't found my mobile phone which has been missing for weeks or the power cable to the portable vacuum. I am beginning to think we have a black hole in this house.
Tonight I plan to edit the photos from the weekend trip to Volunteer and I will post these once they are done. Keep safe Love Helen x

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