Monday, February 22, 2010

My Boy

My boy was cleared from house arrest today. I drove into Stanley in horrendous weather to get him passed by the vets and pay our dues. Even with all the rain I couldn't deny him his first proper walk in over 8 weeks. As you can see, he is now smiling, the wet legs were definitely worth that happy face. He has slept non stop since we got home.

A few small victories today, there were crisps in the West Store that were in date (this is a major find in Stanley) plus I managed to get the girls to eat a mild chicken korma tonight and they actually ate it without much fuss.

I watched the Reader tonight and now feel slightly lost, I can't seem to find a placement for my feelings. I enjoyed it but it has thrown up so many lines of contemplation in me.

Tomorrow I am helping at the preschool in the morning, I offered my art services with their weather study, not sure what I have let myself in for.

Still haven't had chance to edit the Volunteer photos but I will. I know you are all dying to just see some more penguin pictures!

Love to all Helen x

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