Saturday, October 2, 2010

Long overdue for an update

So it has been a while hasn't it!! I have to be honest, I have so much to tell you about and so many photos to share that I just don't seem to know where to start. It is almost to big a task to surmount. I will attempt over the coming weeks to get caught up with all that has been going on in our lives over the last few months and in recent weeks. To start with I am going back to the end of July and the School's talent show. They had their very own X Factor show where they could show off their talents in groups of individually. Euan and Maddie were not really up for this at all but they put in a good performance on the day. Euan was the head rapper with his group performing a Granny rap! For someone who doesn't like to be up on stage and talking in front of people he did really well and looked very relaxed.

He had just enough attitude to pull it off.

Ellie and her friend Siobhan performed a dance to Beyonce's "Should have put a ring on it" complete with leg slapping and multiple leg/arm movements. Ann one of the Dance instructors here kindly helped the girls out with some of their moves which was very good of her.

Ellie was also in a group that sang a rap about what hip hop was which was rather good.

Maddie joined all of the infants to dance a Bugsy Malone song, there was much twirling and arm waving with this one. I had difficulty trying to get a picture of her as she kept hiding behind the girl in front of her with a silly embarassed grin on her face.
Then she appeared again with two of her class mates to sing and play hot cross buns and Joe, Joe stumped his toe on the way to Mexico on the recorder!

All of the children did really well considering they were not given much guidance in school. The following week after school broke up we went out with Jayne Smyth and her two children to have an explore around Stanley. Jayne had not been over to Yorke Bay or Gypsy Cove yet so we decided that was a good place to start. There were a lot of horses that had been put out to graze on the way there and they were very inquisitive. I had some sherbet lemons and foam shrimp sweets in the car which brought them right over.

The girls are still mad about horses so they were straight in there with their hands out ready to feed the hungry muzzles. We found out on the way back that they had liked the sherbet lemons but discarded the foam shrimps!!

By the time we had five horses on one side of the car we decided it was time to move off before the fighting started and the car got kicked.

We had the mandatory picture of the Lady Liz ship wreck. I will write about this ship at a later date and give you her history.

We drove on around the shore line to get to Yorke Bay and Gypsy Cove. Both of these beaches were mined during the conflict in 82 and as such you are not allowed to walk on them. It is such as shame as Yorke Bay especially is a stunning white sandy beach.

The penguins do live there and seem to manage okay with the mines but I believe a cow was once killed in a mine explosion around this area.

There are several information boards and a nice path that has been man made which makes walking around the top of these two areas very pleasant and easy.

Of course me being me I had to take some arty photos of the barbed wire as I went.

and the amazing signs which you just wouldn't come across in the UK.

here is Euan part way down the path with Yorke Bay in the background.

And again demonstrating his goatee for me with some of the local lichen. It was getting rather chilly so we decided to bundle back into the car and head to Shorties for some lunch when we came across this fellow under the iron bridge.

I was so pleased with these shots as I have been really struggling with my camera skills recently. He is called a Night Watchmen Heron and his beak is really that wonderful lime green colour that I love so much.

He was busy catching little fish at the bank side but soon got fed up with me inching closer and closer. He eventually disappeared around the rocks where I couldn't get to him.

Jayne decided I had taken so long with my shots that she would show me how fed up they all were and drive off without me, the girls thought this was hilarious as you can see by the above shot!
After lunch I showed Jayne where Surf Bay was and we let the kids do some more dune surfing while the dog had his mandatory seaweed fest and duck chase.

With a really biting wind we didn't last long down on the sand and started to make our way back to the car. Little Harry managed to con Ellie into giving him a tow back which was rather funny as
he has not yet learned about Ellie and that the fact that she doesn't often do a good deed unless it is reciprocated. I think Harry might have regretted this with her weight on the sledge!

All in all it was a good day with fresh air and very sleepy happy children and pooch on the way home.

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