Thursday, July 8, 2010

this and that

A day of this and that, I started out by preparing all of the bits for Maddie's party on Saturday. I am so behind the drag curve this week that it kind of snuck up on me. I started to panic that I wouldn't get all the bits together in time. I have yet to think about the cake or cookies to make for her birthday. I cannot seem to get motivated with the whole birthday cake thing down here as the results are less than stellar.

I spent the morning wet felting balls for the butterflies heads, dry felting the bodies and collecting together some flat felted pieces for them to cut out for the wings. I wrapped snakes heads and pulled together some buttons and trinkets that the girls can sew on their items. Hopefully they will enjoy the process.

On Wednesday I managed to finish drawing up and piecing together the St Andrews Cross to go on the back of Euan's quilt. It all seem to go together well and now needs a press before basting it. I must admit I am not looking forward to this part at all.

My boy has slowed down so much just recently. Most days after his morning run you can find him claiming bits of furniture as his own. He started out on the sofa who's covers were in the wash and then

He moved onto the small chair for a while but nearly fell off in his sleep. Later he tried out the sofa with the quilt on and then progressed into the dining room under my feet for a while.

When he drops off he is absolutely gone to the world and I can go out and back in without him noticing me away.

The kids and I had a good game night last night where we played some vowel games and then this Star Wars one out of Euan's magazine. We had lots of fun with it even if the kids tried every trick in the book to change the scores, it was a victory to Mum!!
Euan has spent all week working on this Transformer. We have had lots of tears when it got dropped five times in a row one morning. Frustration that it wouldn't look like he wanted because he didn't have the bits of lego he needed. Quite why he couldn't find something at that time to work is beyond me the room is sinking in Lego. I tried to climb into the other half of his bed on Tuesday night (thanks to my husband's snoring) and I couldn't a) get in the room for lego on the bloody floor which really hurts when you stand on it and b) as I climbed into bed I ended up having to extract over a dozen pieces before I could even lay down.

Still he managed to finish it tonight and he is very pleased with himself and quite right to as he has done a fab job. The light was really bad tonight but I promised I would put these on my blog for him.
And here it is after transforming. Pretty marvelous I say. Right I think I am going to head to bed. J is in Stanley tonight for Farmer's week and I don't envy him the night out or the drive home in the dark on that road. I don't think I will settle until he gets back safely. Until then I think a hot water bottle and my book (if I can keep my eyes open).
Love to all Helen x

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  1. you have been busy! Am I too old to come to the party and make a butterfly x