Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Beginnings and Endings

The last week seems to have been marked with beginnings and endings. I have awoken to watch beautiful scenes like these just on my doorstep. I think this has to be the most spectacular colour to date of all my sky photos. The air glowed, none of these photos have been photoshopped, they are straight out of my camera.

This morning wasn't as spectacular but lovely in its own right. We awoke to several inches of the white stuff making a return.
I argued with my self and went backwards and forewards on whether to risk the road into Stanley or not. I had a hospital appointment at 2pm and didn't really want to go out on the road with last nights snow fall still icy and fresh on the MPA highway.

A quick call to the road hotline made my mind up, although Mount Kent and Mare Harbour road where restricted MPA road was open. I decided to drive as far a Fitzroys ridge and make an informed decision then. I took the kids to school and then returned home to find these feathered friends sat on my hot roof. Such a bizarre sight even now. I started to load the car with my sleeping bags and survival rucksack and then remembered I needed my cool box to.

I headed out of the back door only to find more feathery creatures on the tree. It was like being stalked!

I gingerly headed out at just over 20 mph and took my time pootling along the road. I have to say even though it is a frightening as hell driving on this road it is still simply stunning to me. Not beautiful as it is to harsh to be that but still an amazing sight. The roads were icy but not to bad so I made the decision at Fitzroy to carry on into Stanley.

The hills are heavy with snow even though the ground has just a sprinkling. The forecasters said the temperature would not rise above zero but there shouldn't be any more showers until tonight.
At one stage in my rear view mirror I was treated to this rainbow on the horizon.

It took me just over an hour to do my usual 40 minute run but I made it safely into town and headed to the West Store to do a large food shop to restock my cupboards. I had hoped to pick some flowers up for Jane who had kindly offered me lunch but they were not of a fit enough standard to acquire. I stopped by the Land Rover garage to see if they had got the trim in for my car yet and to book an appointment to get it fitted.
Jane cooked me a lovely pasta lunch and we chatted about Euan and his work. Soon enough it was time to head quickly to the Chandlery for some ham and then to the hospital for my appointment. Fergus had a quick toilet break along the front of the harbour before being popped into the back again. After nearly loosing it with the Practise Nurse I completed my appointment and headed back onto the road home for about 3:15pm.

I had been concerned that it would freeze over and become lethal but thankfully it was no worse than the mornings drive. Idiots were still whizzing past me at over 50 mph but I just pottered along at the standard 25/30 mph which is good enough for me on ice.

The sun was just starting to set on the ridge line and it was casting the most wonderful glow in the distance. These photos don't do it justice.

I thought I had missed most of the sunset and was busy unloading the car of all my groceries when I looked out to the west and saw this starting.

slowly at first and then over the course of five minutes developing into

this beauty.

A quick coffee with my friend Jayne and a big thank you to her for picking up my motley lot from swimming for me and it was time to start dinner. Having eaten a good lunch at Jane's I wasn't really in the mood for cooking so the kids ended up with mac cheese and J had to fend for himself. I couldn't even be bothered going to the families shop tonight I was to knackered.
J came home from work with a stack of boxes one of which contained the snorkels I ordered for Ascension in August.

Euan had to give his a quick check during bathtime which of course brought Mum running with the camera. I have no clue what he is doing with his eyes in this one.
Back to the gym tomorrow and I suppose I ought to think about preparing for Maddie's party which is on Saturday. We are meant to be making felt creatures but I will need to get a wriggle on and get some balls felted for it. Love and best wishes to all Helen x

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