Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Beach Fun

Last weekend the kids and I took Fergus down to Bertha's beach for his second run around in the sand. It was an overcast day with the usual winds but not unpleasantly cold. For once the sand wasn't blowing in your face and stripping your skin off if you bent down! The added bonus of no rain showers coming through made for a pleasant walk.

As you can see this boy had an absolutely fabulous time diving in and out of the sea and racing around with large clumps of seaweed in his mouth. He seems to love the root balls of the seaweed and spends ages shredding it into tiny bits. Mum is not so happy later in the evening when she has to sit through the horrendous smells emanating from his tail end.

Alot of his time is spent hopelessly chasing the sea gulls trying desperately to catch one only for them to tease him and land again just out of reach. You can hear him barking away at them in the vain hope it might help his cause. Before people comment, we do put him on a lead if there are any penguins or ducks around!

As I have said before if you head down to the left of the beach you are more likely to see penguins, where as if you head right out to the point you are more likely to see these beautiful creatures.
They gave us a wonderful display surging through the rolling surf and jumping over each other. I am desperate to get in the water and swim with them, apparently they will swim around your legs if you go out to waist height. However, the sea temperature is such that without a wet suit I am not really brave enough! Maybe on a warm sunny day I might attempt it but if bobble hats are required to keep warm I have decided to keep my trousers and boots on.

Up at the point which you can see in the picture below they have the most amazing rock formations and markings where the sand and sea have eroded them. Fergus has taken to running to the top of the rocks and jumping down. Mum just about has a heartattack at this point because he is jumping onto the rocks like the picture above and has so far managed to come away limping after doing a shoulder roll on landing.

There is something about the sea air which seems to calm down the senses and allows these three to get along without bickering. Euan spends most of his time standing out in the wash seeing how long he can stay out before it rushes over the top of his wellies. This week the sea won and both he and Maddie had to peel off their trousers, wellies and socks before getting into the car. Euan had around a litre of water in his boots when we poured them out.

Mum came home mellow and relaxed ready to face the afternoon's onslaught of "what are we doing now?" from Ellie and also capable of tackling the mound of laundry that seems to have mysteriously appeared overnight.

This boy also came home happy. He spent the afternoon and evening flat out asleep snoring. On the odd occassion he did try to move we heard a rather painful squeak from the muscles that hadn't been used for a while. Give him his dues though for a nearly 12 year old dog he is doing not bad, not bad at all.

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