Thursday, March 25, 2010

Mix Match

It has been a mixed matched week. I had hoped to blog each day but as usual life sort of ran away with me. Up until this morning I had been out for a swim by 6am, completed 32 lengths and home for 7am to wake the kids. Today however I was just to tired and I am sick again. For the last fortnight I have had bad headaches at night but just on one side around my left eye. The sinus tubs under my eye and across my nose have been sore. I am fed up now with whatever is making me sick in this house. I have seen the doc again and he has now given me a nasal spray to try but it will take a week at least to kick in.

I did manage some sewing yesterday along with my little helper above. Her brother and sister were at cubs and she kept me company whilst drawing an easter card. She never stops chatting which I shouldn't complain about as I am sure will not always get that level of conversation from her.

Thursday morning saw me finish off 5 more pen rolls. The Pink Gallery have said they will take them once I have made some tags for them. She has asked me to make some wall hangings as well so I will need to have a think about how I will compose them. It is a bit late now in the season and I think there is only one more cruise ship to come in before the main tourist trade shuts down for winter but at least it will give me a chance to get some stock together.

I find on Thursdays I am tired after a day long trip out to Stanley for coffee with the ex pat girls and then shopping. Dinner usually ends up being a simple affair. Tonight it was tuna and pasta bake which is a house hold favourite and for dessert, well what else but chick butterscotch. I gave the kids each two choc mini eggs and one space hopper (do you remember those from your childhood?) and this is what I got. It makes me smile and it definitely made them smile!

Another sunset tonight and this photo doesn't do it justice, it was alot redder in person. Right I think a cup of tea and a sit down with full control of the remote for 5 minutes (J is out at a John Smith lecture) is in order.
Goodnight to all Love Helen x

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