Monday, March 22, 2010

Today I have spent the whole day cleaning. The windows have been scrubbed inside and out. They were in desperate need of being done, the combination of wind and dust here makes for a grubby lookout. I have dusted, hoovered and scrubbed everything to within an inch of its life. 6 loads of laundry have been processed and put away. Even the kids rooms have been cleared properly, wardrobes emptied and put back, clothes drawers sorted through. Plants repotted nd grow bags cleared away that were dying. Why might you ask? not sure really but I seem to have to put my house in order before I can sit down and get on with work these days. I love the feeling a clean and tidy house gives you, the family might not agree as I become anal about them keeping it tidy following them around and yelling every time something is not put back right. I am flagging now and would dearly love to sit down and curl up with a chick flick tonight on the sofa. Alas I have already commited to go to a pot luck supper tonight, hadn't remembered until lunch time and still not sure what to wear!

Right I had best go and beautify myself and because I cannot go without posting a picture, here is something Maddie has left for the Easter Bunny. Give her, her dues at least she is optimistic about what she might recieve. I think possibly it is time to talk to her about the difference between Santa and the Easter Bunny, especially the Easter Bunnies they have in the Falklands.

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