Sunday, April 25, 2010


Wow where did the last 12 days go? I cannot believe that April is almost over. Plus which it means we are getting closer and closer to winter here, with snow already darkening our doorstep this week I think we might be in for a long haul winter. I have just ordered some sledges off of Amazon though so either we will be prepared or I have put the kiss of death on the snow front! This was an image I captured of Euan a few weeks back when we went swimming with the dolphins, can you see how long his hair was?

And then this one was taken at the beginning of last week, with his new GI Jo cut! The hairdresser had waxed it up for him in a little mohican. I didn't think he was really into hair styles yet but as this wave crashed in he was heard screaming "not the hair, don't mess up the hair".

It was quite a cold evening as we headed to the beach, it was about an hour before sunset. The rule was they could paddle but not swim in the sea if they wanted. Hmmm..... not sure those instructions were understood.

Pretty soon Maddie was waist deep and John and I were placing bets on how long it would take her or one of the others to fall in. Still I am getting smarter we did have a change of clothes in the car for all of us as Mum got smacked by a wave while crouching down trying to take photos.

This boy enjoyed his time running around and doing his usual seaweed games.

We had a wonderful display from the dolphins, it was so hard for me not to wade in to try and take some shots but unfortunately I think I might have busted J's camera when taking the video the other day so I didn't want to risk my precious SLR near the water.

The parting shot, furry wet sandy feet which I know I will curse when we get home and they dry out and shed on my carpet. Still I cannot help but smile when I see his happy face it makes me happy.

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