Monday, April 26, 2010

My Boy

It has really hit me in the last few weeks that this boy is getting old. His hearing has deteriorated quite badly now. Although he still runs about like a lunatic on his walks he is slowing down around the house and getting stiff moving from a sleeping position. I have moments were the tears are not far from falling when I think about when we will have to say goodbye. Don't get me wrong I think we have quite a few years left in him yet but it seems to have snuck up on me. He is still a dog of routine though. He goes out for his morning ablutions when either J or I wake up and then he comes back for a cuddle if one of us is still in bed. He will lay with you for a good 20 mins getting pampered before he moves himself off down the bottom of the bed like he is here above. (Note he doesn't sleep on the bed at night just sneakily in the mornings).

Now Fergus seems to have an inbuilt sense when I point a camera at him. He will not look at me when I try to take photos of him out on walks, always turning his head away or running off. I tried to sneakily take these. Can you see the eye opening though as my shutter makes a sound?

Can't you just seem him groaning "oh god she is at it again" her and that bloody camera. That is his rather pissed off look.

If I pretend to be asleep she may go away. Nope not working right what about if I put a paw in the way?
Sorry mate that just makes me want to take close up pictures of your tickly toes. Fergus has really tickly feet when you are trying to clip his toes. The amount of times I have either snipped him or me in the process is high.

He got up and walked away about two seconds after I took this shot. Right where is Ellie, she is always a willing subject.

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