Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Euan's Lego Building Extravaganza

There has been alot of Lego building going on around here lately. After my recent trip on the Sea King, Euan decided to build me a helicopter. In fact we had two versions of this, one in yellow and the blue one above. I didn't manage to get a picture of the yellow one before it was destroyed to build something new. There was a winch line out the side which has a Lego figure dangling from it, apparantly that was to symbolise me :)

Everything comes from Euan's mind, no instructions maybe just a picture printed off the net for referral. In this case he did it from memory.

He particularly likes old planes. This bi-plane was the first in his series of recent plane building exercises. He dissappears into his room for hours on end and then comes out with his creations, usually as proud as punch over what he has made.

They all have a thorough testing, being pushed along the hall at speed usually into my living room door, smacked into each other in races and generally dropped off the breakfast table and sat on when left on the sofa in the living room. We usually find that there have been alterations and strengthening devices added along the way.

Next we have the Messerschmitt bf 109. This was inspired from watching Indiana Jones. I think it is definitely my favourite so far of his models. He didn't use any pictures for this one, just his memory from watching the film.

It had a fully functioning propellar at the front which moved rather nicely in the strong Falkland Islands wind the other day. We were in and out in a matter of minutes taking these photos, it may look like sunny blue skies but it would cut you in two. I particularly love the dirty boy nails in this picture, something as a Mum I have learnt not to bother battling against!

An indoor view of the front of the plane and also a top view. Initially Euan wanted me to provide him with some sticky pads to put the German cross on with, but I explained what a mess they would make of the wings and could he find an alternative way to do. Bless him, he went away for a good half an hour and then came back with this more than satisfactory solution.

And last but not least, this week we have had this Ford Tri Plane again from his recent film watching.

This is an absolute monster of a plane, its wing span cannot go through a standard door without being tilted. The first version didn't have the shinny tiles on the top of the wings and had a tendency to collapse on landing. I think he has now rectified these problems and I am finding the aircraft parked up all around the house, under coffee tables, bed frames and dining room tables.

I think it is something I often take for granted and have forgotten to document in his scrap books. Hopefully these blog posts will spark my memory to take more pictures of his fabulous creations and get them documented down in his scrapbook. I know my brother and I used to play for hours with Lego when we were smaller, I also remember me swallowing alot of it too!!
What do your kids play with and have you taken photos so they can see what they filled their childhood time with? I also need to remember this post when I find bits and pieces of Lego all around the house, usually after having stepped on them or getting them jammed in the hoover! They are little reminders which all to soon will be gone from our lives.

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