Tuesday, April 13, 2010

On Friday it was such a beautiful day that we decided to head back down to Bertha's beach with some friends and see if we could swim with the dolphins again. This time we came prepared with a change of clothes for all the kids so we didn't have a repeat preformance of the fun with Maddie on Monday. I also charged John's camera up which has a film function and that doesn't take silly AA batteries. Fergus started squeaking even before we turned off the paved road onto the rough track that leads down to the beach, he has worked out where we are going and it is one of his favourite places to walk.

As we wandered onto the beach we saw a pod of dolphins heading out to the East which seems to be typical for us. Not perturbed we carried on down to the West to our favourite bit of the bay and set up camp with our buckets, spades and bags. The kids were soon having a whale of a time running in and out of the surf and building sand castles. There is something so lovely about hearing a childs laughter on the beach where things always seem to be free and happy.

Soon enough we had one nosey dolphin coming to see what all the rumpus was about. His mate soon appeared to join him and I headed out into the very cold sea to try and capture some footage. They were a bit shy that day and didn't come in all that close to begin with. I was starting to give up hope and walk back to the beach (as I was beginning to freeze) when they made a spectacular entrance on the surf swimming around me within inches of my legs. I think I filmed about three or four sections of them swimming about, I apologise for the screaming, sky shoots and bad water shoots but you forget about the camera and that fact that you are meant to be filming and get carried away just watching them.

We were all soon getting cold and decided to get changed and head home. Of course I hadn't packed a seperate set of clothes (being an adult and all, knowing I can look after my stuff!!) and was soon shown the error of my ways when a rather large wave washed up the beach and splashed my jeans and fleece soaking them in the process. Never mind thankfully it was just about warm enough to head home in a teashirt and soggy jeans.

We had a rush when we got home to get showered, hair washed and back out the door before we went rock climbing. A quick dash into the Officers Mess afterwards to feed the children before coming home and preparing dinner for Wayne and his lovely wife Lindsay. Marianne I tried to make the Canary Lemon Sponge puddings for dessert. They were okay but a bit dense, nothing like when we made them with cookery club. I think I am definitely going to give up with the baking down here!

Saturday saw the kids and I heading into Stanley to visit the fabric shop. It is only open from 12-4 on a Saturday!, lunch at the Brasserie which as awful and then a quick shop in the West Store before heading home via the Library for a restock of DVD's.

Sunday was spent finishing up a commision for a friend and generally pottering about the house.

Still to come are pictures of Euan's momentous Lego building and another visit down to Bertha's with John yesterday.

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