Tuesday, June 22, 2010

The Beach

Two trips to this spectacular place.

A lot of time is spent on this beach, relaxing, contemplating and generally getting away from it all. The dog out of all of us loves it the most. Sadly the land owner has decided to shut it to dogs after somebody let their animal chase the penguins. While I totally understand their decision I cannot lie I am saddened that Fergus will not be able to join us there again.

Especially when you see pictures of him like this. He LOVES seaweed and J can usually be found tormenting him with a large root ball of it.

Fergus usually wins eventually though and runs off with it to a safe distance and shreds it.

We find it makes a fabulous skipping rope as well. Maddie definitely needs some more practise.

Euan wasn't bad but apparently the wellies were to blame for the wipe out!

Ellie as usual was Miss Determined and lasted the longest. Even Mum had a go and managed to spin round several times before collapsing in a heap out of breath!

Aaaah and just when we thought it was safe Fergus spots a tasty bite to eat on the shore line.

This time he fancied something with a bit more of a crunch to it.

We walked down to our favourite rock outcrop and today the tide was completely out. Euan and I followed Fergus out to where we wouldn't normally go. The whole rock area was covered in mussels, absolutely thousands of them.

Looking back this is the view we were treated to. The sun was so strong that most things almost came out in silhouette and I love it.

somebody else did to.

Mum loves the textures and patterns the sand and seaweed make together.

We also had a visit from our favourite animals down here. There must have been 8 or 9 dolphins out that day just playing off the shore line. You can just see their fins in the above picture.

They were darting in and out of the surf happily racing one another.

The steamer ducks were out in force to, leaving their tell tale signs on the sand.

This one was in funny mode and wouldn't give me a straight face today.

This one was still eating seaweed :(

and then heading back to the car we came across this handsome fellow. It is a crested caracara and we don't know what he had in his mouth but he wasn't about to show us.

And yes for those that were thinking it, we did pay for all the seaweed eating later that night with some absolute stinky smells. Plus just to keep me on my toes I woke up the next morning to the sounds of him wrenching up the remains on my bedroom carpet - nice!

Lets hope that the Landowner may review things in a few months time so we can all have our switch off space back together.

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