Friday, June 18, 2010

Yesterdays Snow Fun

Yesterday the school bus was cancelled and it was fortunate that I had already decided to walk the children to school. I allowed them a few runs down the hill at the back of us with our latest dusting of snow and then it was straight onto school much to Euan's annoyance!

Euan was going to a friends for tea that lives right next door almost to the slope, so when I picked the girls up I promised to take them to once they had got changed. Ellie managed to invite her friend Siobhan for tea with the promise that they would do their homework together once we got back from sledging.
The faces that Ellie pulled where so funny. Most of my pictures are blurry as light was fading fast, yet somehow I love them all the more for it. Here she is racing down the hill with one of my neighbours children and by the look on her face it was much faster than she thought!

Miss Muppet was up next and no fear of speed she whizzed past me squealing with joy.

She kept trying to get on the back of her best friends sledge but it kept moving away as soon as she tried to sit down. Eventually she got one of the Mums to hold it for her so she could get on.

Euan was there with his friend and he was having a whale of a time. "This is the best fun I have had in ages Mum" was heard as he hurtled past me, which is good because he has been a bit of a 'Kevin' recently.

That was just before he wiped out for about the 50th time at the bottom. Thank goodness I had made him put his waterproofs on.

We are forecast to get a dumping of snow again tonight which I am sure will please the troops in this household.
I will however not be taking the dog to school with me tomorrow. I thought it would be a brilliant walk for him as dogs are no longer allowed on Bertha's beach (so sad). So I kept him on the lead to school, dropped the kids off and made my way back. When I was safely over the road I let him off and immediately he shot off under the barbed wire and chased a flock of geese. No problem I thought he is headed in the direction of home and I will catch him up at the other end of the wire. Ummm no, he went hurtling past me still on the opposite side of the wire and totally didn't see me. I was screaming at him but because of his deafness he couldn't hear. I thought he would get to the bottom of the wire and pick up my scent and follow me back up on the right side. NO! he was going so fast that he carried on, back across the road in front of a bloody police car no less and headed back towards school. S..t was my first reaction and I started to leg it back to him. He must have decided the scent was cold because he no sooner did that then turned back around and headed back towards me. He was running across (thankfully no cars this time) the road and along it towards home. He still hadn't seen me. I was shouting like an idiot and finally he stopped and looked around. He saw me and came racing over with a very sheepish and worried look on his face. He wasn't the only one. He has become a liability off the lead now in public places because he simply cannot hear anything. I managed to go out twice today to the shops for twenty minutes and he was still on the same spot on the sofa, laid on his back legs in the air and non the wiser that I had been out. I find it so sad but I am going to have to think about getting one of those yucky extendable leads as I cannot really let him off on base again. I was so worried he was going to get run over today as the cars would not have been able to stop on the snow. Why do our loved ones have to get old hey?
On a cheerier note, the girls were true to their promise and finished their big write off with very little direction from me. We had homemade tomato and lentil soup for tea and the I headed off to bed to read my book that Jenny from Crudwell's Bookclub kindly sent me.


  1. Hi Helen!
    I'm looking at your nice pics and I'm thinking it's so strange to see the snow in june, while we're going to the beach here...
    Literally warm greetings from Venice-Lido, Italy.

  2. Thank you Helen!
    As you have seen on my blog, last night it snowed also here in Italy, even if in the Dolomiti, of course... (They are Italian amazing mountains, part of Alps).
    Nice greetings to you and family!