Tuesday, June 22, 2010

What a difference a day makes

This was the view out my office window on Friday morning. The wind was blowing a hoolie and it felt like we were in Dorothys house out of the Wizard of Oz.

The view out of our living room window at lunch time.

when J came home for a late lunch.

Wake up to Saturday and brilliant sunshine with no wind. I had promised the kids that I would take them sledging again if it calmed down. This time we tackled the big slope. It has a rut at the bottom which causes theeee most spectacular wipeouts and faces full of snow.

The older two loved it.

This one not so much, she really wasn't up to it so I took her back to a quiet spot away from all the raucous boys with a gentle slope and no jumps. She had a few slides and then decided she really wasn't feeling so hot and would come home with me. She has been rather clingy lately and I am hoping she isn't coming down with any of the bugs that are going around.

We of course had to have the mandatory silhouette shots, they are a bit like the sky shots now.

I am not quite sure what all the lumps and bumps were, I had a camera bag over my shoulder and a sledge tucked down my jacket in my defence!!

This one reminds me of the old books Meg and Mog can anyone remember those?

heading back over the field to home with big skies and clean views.

to our own personal home from home.

and this boy sat at the door howling his head off and very excited that I was going to take him across the field for a quick walk. Please note the tongue and not a lick of seaweed in sight.
Maddie and I spent the rest of the day baking, mincepies; lemon cheesecake; toffee meringue; gingerbread with phili icing and then puff pastry tarts. She is such a wonderful help in the kitchen, no fussing just doing whatever I ask her and she never seems to get bored bless her.

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